Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brothers Trip 2011

Backpacking in Arkansas: Ozark Highlands Trail and Buffalo River Trail

As you can see, the water was extremely high that people were kayaking on creeks or should I say cricks?


Mark and Joe

Bug again

Mark and Joe

This is where Joe jumped to his death...almost.  Instead he just got wet and we laughed.

Another bug

Hydration is a must even in Arkansas where you should be able to live by osmosis with the 100% humidity!
James and Ron in the center, James foreground.

James and Ron

Machete anyone?

The "creek" we were supposed to cross was a raging river.  We waited until a boat came by and begged a ride across.  Quote from the driver, "F-in, (insert any sentence) F-in."

Joe and Mark



The nightly ring of wet shoes.

"Wanna go for a ride in my new vehicle?  Wanna go for a ride in my new car?"


Mark, Joe, James



Ron's blood in a cemetery.

Panoramas of the incredible views from the bluffs.

Many thanks to James for planning this trip!  In spite of the mileage, I will always cherish these memories!  Next trip, somewhere dry...


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