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Trout Fishing 2013

Trout Fishing 2013

There are few things more manly than fishing.  Especially in the cold.  Walt and I went on an awesome trip to Utah last April (?) and fished three different spots.  Walt is good company because he understands that fishing is a way to get away from everything else and everyone else.  Conversation doesn't need to happen, but if it does, great.  When I was young fishing was so boring, all you did was sit and, well, fish.  Now I relish the opportunity to check out and get lost staring at the sun on the water and feel all-powerful as I bring in a nice fish!

Steinaker Reservoir

We caught our limit on day 1 at Steinaker and at the end of our trip when we went back.  It was pretty nice out, the sun was shining...mostly.  There was a giant sheet of ice left on the lake, you can see it in the photos.  As the wind changed directions, the ice would shift directions and ram the shoreline.  There were huge piles of ice on each protruding bit of shoreline.  

Walt kept catching the biggest fish.

We found a nice place to sit where there were some comfy rocks.  Yes, rocks are comfy to geologists.  And Walt is a geologist too.

Red Fleet Reservoir

Red fleet is like a mini Lake Powell.  It has Navajo Sandstone everywhere, which is heaven to me!  It makes for some awesome scenery too.  We caught quite a few fish there, but they seemed to be smaller than the ones at Steinaker.  The cool thing about that ice sheet (which was at Red Fleet too) was that the fish were hungry and seemed to be waiting at the edge of the ice for our lures to drop.  There were also a few critters wandering about.

Walt is the critter.

We cooked up the fish on the spot at Red Fleet.

Hungry?  Why wait?  Gollom doesn't.

There is nothing quite like freshly caught and cooked trout.

Flaming Gorge Dam

We also did some night fishing at the bottom of the Flaming Gorge Dam.  I suppose we should have tried the actual gorge...we got skunked.  But it was ridiculously peaceful and relaxing.  There was almost no conversation down there.  Just reverence.  

Nice double chin!

So where do you clean all those fish you catch while so far away without a fish cleaning station and when you don't want to be cold anymore and when you just want to be able to rinse them standing up and where the water temperature is exactly what you want it to be and where you can shave at the same time with a fillet knife which is also very manly...

If you don't like fishing, just wait until you like sitting.  If you don't like sitting and fishing, then go fishing and sitting with Walt and you will begin to like fishing and sitting.  Thanks Walt!  

Where to in 2014?

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